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Skema Sejarah K3 2014 MRSM

Posted on: November 11th, 2014 by admin

Skema Sejarah Kertas 3 Percubaan SPM 2014 MRSM (Schema for History Paper 3 Trial SPM year 2014 Mara Junior Science College)

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Time is a gift; given to you personally, given to equip you with the time you need to walk the path of your whole lifetime.
So much to do, so very little time! As a result of technological improvements, it appears like the more time we free up, more stuff waiting to fill up our free time.
A lot of people have the assumption that time is a scarce commodity. That assumption is difficult, as a human being, to consider time in just about any manner except in linear terms. Easy accessibility to information is convenience in disgust. We have it coming to us from every direction – television, radio, newspapers, internet, social media, magazines, daily mail, catalogues, newsletters, etc. Every time we turn around, we are being bombarded with ever increased information.
We long for the good old days when life was slower, less active, and far less crazy. Folks used to relax in the evenings, read novels, and simply kick back. Every minute of each day is filled to capacity with an increasing number of tasks.
Women particularly have more hectic days than before. Most of them work a full time job, and reach home, another ‘full time job’ waiting for her. Much has already been written on how a women balances work and family.
Guys are more active these days also, as they help their teammates in the home front. Children have a lot of activities in the day and evening as well; and that means a minimum of one parent driving, while the other cooking and cleaning. It’s sort of back into a rat race. “No matter who wins the race, we are still rats.” Lily Tomlin said. Planning to retire in the rat race? By all means if you can.
How can we find time? Well, there’s the rub. We don’t find the time, but we make some time. That’s critical. And that needs organization and lots of discipline. Read more.